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Oversized Circular Designer Tote Bag

Could you be the lady that loves to be complimented for her stylish choice of clothing or accessory, but really doesn’t like to spend all day hunting it down online?
The internet is a wonderful tool, but offering so many choices from so many places, it can very quickly overwhelm. Remember the days when ‘shopping’ meant wandering around a bunch or small stores in your local town with a buddy or two?

Welcome “back to boutique” shopping! One tiny store, with a meticulously selected, fully hand crated range, ever-evolving and constantly refreshed. We’ve gone around the world and back with our selections, and pledge to continue searching every corner of the globe – seeking out the magic and bringing it home to you.

But shopping will never be the same again. And why should it be? At Tamarilloh, we’re taking you “back to boutique”, but with a twist of today – putting the fun back into the shop with opportunities to engage, auctions and share challenges to keep you on your toes.

When shopping at Tamarilloh there is one really important thing to remember – many of our products are Handmade to order in small artisan workshops around the globe. Like all good things, this process takes time.

Orders are usually delivered within 2-4 weeks but can take up to 6 weeks. Please be patient – it’s so worth the wait!

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Stay tuned. Get more compliments.

Back to boutique – shop for fun!

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